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Zukitwo has been one of the most popular GTK3 and GTK2 themes in the Gnome world since the advent of the Gnome3. Main advantages of this theme include an elegant look, simple style, easy on the eyes (there is also a dark version), very good compatibility between GTK2 and GTK3 apps, XFCE support and an excellent background panel. It’s author is Lassekongo83 well known for other very popular GTK2 themes like Zukini, Simpleton, Soothe or Zuki Blues. So in short – Zukitwo theme combined with Faenza icons and a delicious wallpaper makes a good looking, professional desktop setup in Linux with XFCE 😉 – enjoy !


XFCE Desktop


Thunar File Manager

conky system monitor

Conky System monitor

wallpaper zara

Zara by mustberesult


XFCE background panel

Daily Mania Setup

GTK2 Theme

Zukitwo – link

XFWM4 Theme



Fog Mate & Faenza – link


Zara – link

Conky Monitor

Dark Pixel Conky – link

XFCE Panel

Zukitwo background – included in the archive theme

More Screenshots


Zukitwo Theme Widget


Audacious audio player


Leafpad editor


Leafpad – Editor menu


Parole media player


Google Chrome Browser






Libreoffice Writer


Libreoffice Writer Menu


  1. Android-808 says

    Can you tell me how you set up the panel?

    My previous install of Arch had white text in the panel using Zukitwo but now I seem to be stuck with black text for everything (clock, window buttons etc.) and the window buttons are appearing different colours. They were all dark, now they’re grey for active, black inactive and white when highlighted.

    I’ve got panel background set to the panel-bg.png in /usr/share/themes/Zuktiwo/etc/etc

    • razvan says

      Hi There,

      It seems you did everything correctly – e.g. taking the background image from the theme archive etc.

      Can you tell me what DE are you running? Also it seems you did a fresh install of Arch – can you check if you have murrine engine and unico engine installed? Zukitwo needs those 2 in order to function properly. We keep in touch 😉

      • Android-808 says

        Fresh Arch install, desktop went haywire after updating lightdm. First click anywhere stopped all X11 input except VT switching luckily.
        Screenshot showing how it currently looks. Notice the grey/black/white window buttons and black clock.

        XFCE 4.10
        zuktiwo-themes 20120817
        – gtk-engines (already installed)
        – gtk-engine-murrine (already installed)
        – gtk-engine-unico>=1.0.2 (already installed)

        Appearance and Window Manager set to Zuktiwo.
        Window Manager Tweaks>Compositor enabled.
        Panel has frames removed for clock, notification area, flat buttons for window buttons and Panel-bg.png set
        Without flat buttons:

        It looks like it’s ignoring the alpha channels.

    • razvan says

      Hi there; there is a new interesting tool for changing different things in a GTK3 theme; see more details here. There is a problem though, it is only for ubuntu so far. Maybe someone from the ARCH team will be able to port it to ARCH ;). I tested and it is working fine; Satya will add more features in the upcoming releases.

  2. says

    Awesome customizations, XFCE is for sure my favourite DE. Lightweight super customizable and functional.

    Incredible website too! Cheers!

    • razvan says

      Hi Afner! Thanks for stopping by! Indeed XFCE has been the “steady rock” in the muddy waters of DE paradigm change (Gnome3 mostly) and it’s development path was incremental and focused on not destroying the user experience.Cheers!


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